A process called ionization provides a water that is ionized. Water is divided into two groups of alkaline and acidic parts inside the alkaline water ionizer. The electrodes, which contains calcium and magnesium ions, allows the water a neutral substance to undergone the process  of electrolysis which divided the water into two streams.


Supercharged ions can be found in the Velara Velaqua ionized water which are actively and effectively makes attachment to the free radicals that can be found in our body that helps rejuvenate damaged cells. Reducing the possibility of premature agings are on of the amazing result of this water. The natural form of water contains  10 to 13 bundles of molecules, and after electrolysis, ionized water now only contains 5 to 6 per bundle. Cells can absorb easier and faster when it is bundled into smaller cluster. Alkaline water with a pH of above 7 is considered high alkalinity. Ionizer machine tap on your water source can provide you with ionized water.


Human being is composed of large amount of water with a percentage of about 70%. Our body is so delicate when it comes to the balance between alkalinity and acidity level on which it needs an environment that is balanced to function the body system optimally.


Higher levels of acidity in the body is not healthy, for it may causes the immune system to weaken and can be very dangerous. Increase chances of getting a disease are one of the causes if you have this kind of condition in your body. Balance and normal level of acid and alkaline in the body are the keys to allow your body to function well and combat diseases. Any emergency demands can be prevented if you have sufficient amount of alkaline found in your body. Alkaline supplies in your body will be easily depleted when there is high amount of acid present in your body which allows you to be more exposed to viral attacks. So, in order to have a healthy body, a balance of pH level is the best key you can have. Check out http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/water.aspx for more facts about water.


Drinking of water that has undergone the process of ionization provides your body with many benefits. Many benefits in the body are the results of researches of drinking Velaqua alkaline water. This treated water offers hydration that is far better which offers 3 to 6 times better than the untreated ones. Dehydration should not be disregarded and must be treated as quickly as possible.



In our daily life, it is important to drink plenty amount of ionized water which is produced by an alkaline water ionizer machine.