Alkaline water ionizer machines provide water that has undergone a process in ionization. In this process, water is divided into two parts of acidic and basic water. Water is considered as a neutral substance subjected to a means of electrolysis from electrodes which contains calcium and magnesium ions, the procedure splits the molecules of water into its two components.


Water that is ionized contains hundreds of thousands up to millions of anti-oxidant ions becomes actively and effectively supercharged and makes contact with the positive charged free radicals that can be found in our body that helps heals damaged cells. The result of this reduces the chances of premature aging. Water is basically composed of 10 to 13 molecules per bundle and after the process of electrolysis, water that undergone ionization now contains 5 to 6 molecules per bundle. The smaller the cluster, the more it is easier for the cells to absorb. Water that is alkaline with a pH value above 7 means it is high alkalinity. In order to produced this kind of water, you must have a Velaqua Water Machine tap on your kitchen water source.


70% of human body is basically composed of largely amount of water. Human body is very sensitive when it comes to the homeostasis of acid and alkaline condition as it would require a well-balanced environment to maintain the body system in an optimal level of functionality.


Chances of weak immune system are one of the symptoms if you have high levels of acidity in your body which is seriously dangerous. This conditions can create a great deal of environment that can cause promotion of various diseases. Having a normal and balanced level of acidity and alkalinity in the environment allows your body to function better and combat diseases. Sufficient alkaline can be found in a healthy body to meet any emergency demands. When too much acid is present in the body, the alkaline reserves will be rapidly depleted thus uncovering you for any virus attacks. That is the reason why a balance pH is the key for a healthy body. Read for a guide on how to detoxify ionized water.


Studies shows that drinking alkaline water provides your body with different kinds of benefits. Lots of research has been conducted to provide support that drinking of alkaline water provides your body with many benefits. This Velara Velaqua processed water provides hydration that is far more greater than the unprocessed water which is said to be 3-6 times better. So it is important to know that dehydration should be treated as quickly as possible.



The most popular method of ionizing water is the use of alkaline water ionizer machine which provides healthy water that can be used for our daily living.